The Revolution Will Be Touched: Onswipe Launches 3 New Products

No more clicking and scrolling — Onswipe wants you to reach out and touch the web. In order to do this, Onswipe launched three major products last week, headlined by support for the iPhone; “Draft,” an html5 touch layout builder; and “Favorites,” an easy way for readers to favorite content.

Only one year after launch, Onswipe has experienced over 800% growth in pageviews; Publishers have benefited from an average increase of 300% for pageviews as well as a 30%-50% bump in time-on-site.

Onswipe for iPhone — It’s not mobile, it’s touch

“All mobile sites have focused on shrinking down an existing website to a smaller screen by solely using responsive design,” said Onswipe CEO Jason L. Baptiste. “But they’ve ignored what’s possible with touch. Starting today, Onswipe is available for the iPhone and is delivering a web experience like never before. Starting today, Onswipe is a true cross-device platform.”

  • Designed to touch – Onswipe for iPhone uses beautiful, full-screen images and touch gestures married to a fast-paced, app-like experience. Even Facebook isn’t able to do something this fluid.
  • 100% feature parity with tablet – All of the features from the tablet have been brought down to the smaller screen, including favorites, recommendations, and content categories.
  • Fully brandable – Onswipe for iPhone is also fully brandable: publishers can add their accent color and logo to make their site a truly unique experience.
  • Monetize immediately – Publishers can monetize immediately by bringing in their existing 320×50 IAB banner ads.

Favorites – Don’t like content, love it

“Onswipe has never been a platform where each site is an island,” said Baptiste. “Rather, each one is part of a connected platform of sites.”

In January, Onswipe launched Rocketship Recommendations as part of its content network to show recommendations from all publishers across Onswipe. Now, Onswipe is launching Favorites as an easy way for readers to favorite content across all Onswipe-powered pubs while providing a window to what their friends are favoriting by using Facebook connect. This makes Onswipe a networked platform.

  • Facebook Connect enabled – Favorites use Facebook connect instead of introducing an additional cumbersome login and profile system.
  • One login across all publications – Favorites uses one login across the entire Onswipe network.  Login through one publication and you can favorite across any Onswipe publication.
  • See your friends’ favorites – Since Favorites uses Facebook connect, you can also see what your Facebook friends are favoriting.  If Rocketship recommends content by using an algorithm, you can think of Favorites as recommending content by using people.
  • Building the ultimate interest graph – We’re building the ultimate interest graph by tying users across all publications while knowing what content and verticals readers love to consume and share.
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Draft Code

Onswipe Draft — Dream it. Code it. Touch it.
Onswipe Draft is a web-based layout creation tool that lets developers create layouts from scratch using pure CSS.  Native apps on iOS can keep their XCode; Onswipe Draft is for building HTML5 publishing experiences on touch devices from scratch. This makes Onswipe a platform that others can build upon.
  • Code in Pure CSS – No added markup to learn, just use pure CSS to create layouts.  That’s way simpler than creating a WordPress theme.
  • Live iPad preview –  Draft is an Adobe quality developer tool that includes the ability to preview layout changes in real time as code is updated.
  • 100% customizable –  Developers can modify existing templates or write layouts completely from scratch.
  • All in the cloud – Onswipe Draft is 100% web based with no software to download.  Developers can save unlimited layouts and have unlimited storage.  Best of all, it’s completely free.
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We’re incredibly excited to offer these products to publishers and advertisers, and we’re excited to see how they use the features to build, share, and change the web for a next generation — the touch generation.

Author: Jason L. Baptiste

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